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Name:Enzo Vittorio Emmanuel
Birthdate:Jun 30
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Enzo Vittorio Emmanuel was the first of three children born to French diplomat, Claudette Levevre, and Italian actor, Vittorio Emmanuel. Following Enzo was a younger brother, Giovanny, and a sister, Nicolette. The couple married young and when Claudette was posted to the French Embassy in London, the family made the move to England and Giovanny commenced working on period drama television show. Enzo is a descendent of the Italian Nobility, namely the House of Savoy and his ancestor was the King of Italy before it became a republic in 1946. Enzo's family is extremely wealthy from old money, and his grandparents still reside in one of the noble residences to the House of Savoy family.

It was there that Enzo met Cheyne Rousseau, the son of the Ambassador at the Embassy. Being the same age, they sparked up a friendship that has continued into adulthood, despite both now having left London. When Enzo was 16, always wanting to be an actor like his dad, he scored a role on a long-standing drama series about the Nobility in Italy, filming predominantly in Tuscany. He soon become one of Italy's top actors, and began conducting acting Master Classes around Europe when he was 21.

About a year later, still in his prime with the TV show in one of the lead roles, Enzo was diagnosed with a brain tumour that was thankfully operable. When he was in hospital in Italy recovering and undergoing chemotherapy, he met Nick Matheson, who had suffered diabetic ketoacidosis and fallen into a coma whilst visiting his Italian relatives in Italy. Although not the best circumstances to start a friendship, they became close and stayed in touch when Nick went back home to the USA. By this time, Cheyne had moved to New York City and was working with the New York City Ballet.

Enzo recovered and went into remission, with the chemo finally being ceased. He went back to the TV show, but after a long absence where his character had been briefly written out as being in a coma following a horse riding accident, his heart wasn't in it anymore. He wanted more and he wanted a change. He began to audition for movies and soon scored a supporting actor role alongside Orion Argyle in a movie produced by Adrian Hewitt. He also signed as lead for new TV show where he will play a guardian angel, based in New York.

This meant that he could make the move across the ocean to be living near his best friend. It is a big change for him, but he is ready to sink his teeth into it now his career is soaring. Enzo is a free-spirited easygoing guy with a wicked sense of humour. He is fluent in English, Italian, and French, and knows pick-up lines in all three. He's not the sort to wallow, and even relied on laughter as therapy when he was battling cancer. He likes to have fun, and is that friend who will always be trying to cheer you up when you're feeling down. His sex life is mostly casual because he hasn't met anyone yet who has turned his head to stick in a long-term relationship. He has a reputation as a bit of a bad boy, preferring riding a motorcycle over a car, and has a confident and suave attitude with sex being at the top of his list of favourite leisure activities.

Though for all the upper class rich guy that he is, he can be just as happy lounging around in sweats drinking a beer and watching classic action movies with friends.

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